Mission, Vision, & Core Values

Mission & Vision

The Anchor of Hull provides a safe, sober, and supportive environment for building community and recovery. The center is a resource to anyone- whether they’re in recovery or not- who needs help, direction, guidance, or just a place to come and talk. We offer sober activities and events, Recovery Coaching, access to resources, and assistance to all individuals and their families throughout every stage of recovery.

Code of Ethics


  • We believe that all those related to the Anchor of Hull are seeking to enhance their recovery and wellness.

  • We will be courteous, truthful, respectful and friendly at all times.

  • We will strive to maintain a safe, clean, and sober environment.

  • We will not bring drugs and/or alcohol on the premises of the Anchor of Hull or to any activity associated with the Anchor of Hull.

  • When we have concerns for the safety of others, ourselves, or the integrity of the center, we will seek staff guidance.


  • We will treat everyone the way we would hope to be treated ourselves- with dignity, respect, care, compassion, honesty, patience, and as a valued individual.

  • We will respect one another’s definition of “Recovery.”

  • We will be generous- remembering where we come from and that people can change. We will always welcome back those who are struggling and we will strive to “meet people where they’re at” in regards to recovery, way of life, emotional stability and health.

  • We will honor each other’s confidentiality and right to privacy.

  • We will respect each other’s personal boundaries- physical, social and emotional.

  • We will seek to recognize our own biases and prejudices and will attempt to not place them on others.

  • We will honor each other’s culture, race, life experience, belief system, class, age, sexual orientation, gender, and appearance.

  • We will work to assist one another to move forward in recovery, acknowledging and validating the achievements of others.

  • We will take extra care with the newcomer, making certain that they feel welcomed and comfortable.

  • We will seek to resolve conflicts with others and not create disturbances by the way of profanity, gossip, fighting, choosing sides, outbursts of anger or harming others.

  • When a member of the recovery community needs to talk, we will do our best to listen with full awareness, without criticism or judgement, remembering that we are not counselors, therapists, or professionals in this capacity, although some members may be in their professional lives. We will help our peers find the appropriate resources when necessary.


  • We will be receptive and responsive to the needs of the Anchor of Hull.

  • We will contribute by taking part in meetings, activities and the participatory process as we know this is vital to our recovery.

  • We will encourage other members to volunteer. We will keep the building clean and organized.

  • We will not take another’s belonging or any property of the Anchor of Hull without first seeking permission.

  • We will take on the responsibility of maintaining a safe, clean and sober environment.


  • We will strive to be productive and respectful members of our society.

  • We will be role models in the community, always remembering that we are representatives of the Anchor of Hull.

  • We will work to represent all members of the community, not just those in recovery- especially those who feel they have no voice.

  • We will be aware of the positive impact of our kindness and compassion towards others in the community, displaying who we are and why we are here.

  • We will work towards further educating the community and changing the stigma surrounding substance use.